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Umrah is an act of worship which is very important for each human being and here at Hamdalillahi Travel Limited we understand how vital it is for an approaching pilgrim to find the correct Umrah package which suits each individual’s needs and requirements. Here at Hamdalillahi Travel Limited you will find us sincere and clear-cut when dealing with customers.

Hamdalillahi Travel Limited will always take into account your personal needs from flight preferences to the very highest standard accommodation. We are always highly dedicated to create the right Umrah package for you as we want to make it extremely unforgettable for yourself. All are dealings are always met with a friendly and supportive service, reflecting a soaring degree of professionalism. 

Hamdalillahi Travel Limited has set up a private and dedicated team within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia which controls all the volume of passengers which travel from the Nigeria. We have countless years of experience in providing quality and trustworthy Umrah Travel for all passengers.

If you would like to purchase a tailor made Umrah Package, then our dedicated service is suitable for you. We are specialised to make all your essential arrangements designed for you from visas, flights and transport to hotel bookings. Hamdalillahi Travel Limited has well established relationships and economics of scale with a variety of hotels within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you would like to perform Umrah from deluxe five stars to budget three stars then call us today to receive a free no obligation quote.


“And proclaim the pilgrimage among men! They will come to you on foot and (Mountains) on every kind of lean camel, through deep and distant mountain highways” Surah Hajj.

With the months of Hajj fast approaching, will you be one of the fortunate ones who respond to Allah’s call? Millions of people shall prepare and leave their homes to answer this very that tugs at the heart of every believer. Will you be amongst those who proclaim Labbayk Allahhumma Labayak... “at your service o Allah, at your service” in answer to a universal call that transcend time?

Once again the beautiful cities of Makkah and Madinah will flourish with pilgrims pouring in from all corners of the globe. Each one racing towards the mercy of Allah and focusing completely on this tremendous journey ahead. Indeed  this journey is like no other – it is a journey of the heart and soul; a journey that shall Insha’Allah, change your life forever.

Just imagine casting your eyes on the Ka’bah for the first time. Peace. Silence. Light. The blessedness of experiencing that moment that its beauty is so profound and personal words cannot capture the reality of that special feeling that permeates your soul. How can you describe that moment, when you find yourself standing at the most sacred place on the Earth, Tranquillity descending upon you, your heart feeling overwhelmed and tears uncontrollably rolling down your cheeks? This is beginning of your journey of a lifetime...

Follow in footsteps of millions of Muslims; prophets, scholars, righteous men and women; each one unique; each with individual aspirations, regret and perhaps ailments too, but united in their eagerness to worship Allah, to please him and to be enveloped in his mercy and forgiveness. If Allah has offered you the golden opportunity of going on Hajj then ‘grab it’. For how many Muslims are there who yearn for Hajj yet are unable to go due to lack of means to poor health? Be amongst those who respond to Allah’s call and start preparing.